§  Pro-seminar in Teacher Leadership

§  Qualitative Research

§  Introduction to Doctoral Study

§  How Adults Learn

§  Theory and Development of the Multiple Intelligences

§  Multicultural Education for the 21st Century

§  Unique Curriculum Structures

§  Writing for Research

§  Critical Analysis of Contemporary Educational Issues

  Served as dissertation supervisor (content specialist and methodologist) 



Education Specialist  Courses  (Curriculum and Instruction: Arts Integration Emphasis)


§  Arts Approach to Diversity and Reflective Practice

§  Critical Action Research

§  Research in Action

(served as research supervisor) 


Master's Level Courses (Same as above)


§  Creative Movement: Kinesthetic Learning across the Curriculum

§  Integrating Arts across the Curriculum

§  Integrated Arts Seminar  (served as supervisor of Capstone projects) 

Doctoral level courses  (Teacher and Educational Leadership) 

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