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You are quite an inspiration for us as teachers. Your keen intuition and correction was always paired with kindness and thoughtfulness.~Lucille Garrard, Cobb County Schools

I have found that it [the arts] makes the learning more engaging and enjoyable for my students, and also makes teaching so much more fun for me. Thank you for giving me this spark!...You have left memory with me that I will remember fondly as I continue in my career. ~ Sheryl Shields, 4th grade teacher, Cobb County Schools.

For too long the idea of teaching + fun = no learning has dominated our educational system…You just showed us how to teach with joy! ~Dave Norris, Participant, Connectivity Conference, 2013

I loved seeing the entire activity PLAYED out from facilitating/scaffolding to encouraging  risk-taking and celebrating success. ~Sue Alexander, Participant, Connectivity Conference, 2013)

I thank you for everything.. It has been my honor and privilege to learn from you. I claim you as my mentor if I may!~ Rhonda Habersham, ESL Teacher, Savannah Public Schools

Your class helped me search and stretch my abilities much further than I even imagined I could.  Words can never express how much I appreciate your fantastic methods and eye-opening techniques…~ Toya Chinfloo, Dance Teacher, Raleigh Public Schools.

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